“This is my handwriting. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all” 2 Thessalonians 3:18

No more handwriting stress!   

  • Discover fun ways to engage your child in pen and paper work.

  • Develop their handwriting naturally without stress or pressure. 

  • Learn how to correct wrong formation and assess your own child's needs!

  • Weekly zoom coaching and "On Demand" training.

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ASD - ADHD - DCD - SPD - Dyspraxia.

Embarrassed, Concerned, or Frustrated by your Child's Handwriting? 

Do you just want your child to write better?

90 day Course and Coaching Experience



Be guided to assess your child's hands, body, thinking and seeing skills needed for handwriting, to see where the problem areas are.



Learn how to meet each need and gap we've found with techniques, exercises and games to increase posture, coordination and visual perceptual skills.


Increase speed and legibility for improved confidence, improved grades and create a great first impression.

What the course will cover:

  • Assessment of all the underlying building blocks needed for good handwriting
  • Something for all ages and developmental level in each module
  • Mastery of printing and cursive handwriting
  • Fun and creative ways to engage children in writing
  • Best practices for teaching letter order
  • Best practices for getting the best letter formation
  • Tips to know when a child is ready to start writing

There's more:

  • How to speed up writing to do better in exams
  • Strategies to develop coordination and better posture
  • How to improve your child’s confidence as well as skill
  • The many benefits of handwriting vs keyboard skills
  • How to prevent reversals and swapping letters around
  • Typical development and grip control and what to do about it when it doesn’t happen “typically”
  • How to stop the battles over schoolwork
  • Special helps for Lefties & MORE!

Handwriting with Ease!

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