Trial Questionnaire of Sensory Needs in the Worldwide Church   

The Perceived Problem:

People with sensory, special or different needs are not attending church, or engaging in church, due to these needs not being understood or met - children, adults or older people.

The Proposed Objective for June / July 2022:

To trial a questionnaire in order to create a helpful one for churches to use to see how sensory needs are impacting engagement in their fellowship and how those needs could be met.

The Planned Solution by the end of 2022:

To create a Sensory Super System for Churches handbook / online course that helps churches identify the struggles these individuals, families and leaders face when hoping to engage in corporate worship and in the life of the church, and present solutions according to needs identified, finances, space and manpower available to each individual church.

Here is the Trial Questionnaire and Covering letter for Church Leadership

You can download the questionnaire here and then you can input the data directly here too.

We would ideally like the questionnaire to be taken and used with 'real' people so we can get a better idea of how long it takes and what the experience is like for you. We would also however love to have the answers (especially if you are talking with people who didn't fill in the original survey.)


So this section is for the answers to the questionnaire and the other section below is for feedback how you found the questionnaire to use. Thank you!

Download the Questionnaire and Covering Letter Here

Feedback on the Trial Questionnaire

What was it like going through / using the Questionnaire?

A Personal Thank You.


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