Distraction and Lack of Focus

parenting Dec 07, 2020

Distraction and Lack of Focus

There are many reasons why children are easily distracted. When children do not get enough sleep, they can be easily distracted. Also, when children are experiencing stress and anxiety, this can be a factor that affects their ability to focus, and thus they become distracted with their thoughts. However, when a child demonstrates an ongoing problem with focus, there is something going on behind the scenes. I encourage parents to always look beyond the surface symptoms and tap into the root of the issue.

Easily Distracted Children

Lack of focus is a symptom of something else that can be happening underneath the surface. ADHD is a common cause of focus problems, and it is something that runs in families. But ADHD is not the only thing that can be causing a lack of focus problems. Your child may have difficulty with concentrating on one activity or following directions. Your child may be demonstrating difficulty in keeping a conversation. No matter the...

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Raising a Confident Child

parenting Nov 12, 2020

Raising a Confident Child

To raise a confident child is to build their self-esteem - who they are in Christ. How do you build a child’s self-esteem? Model what you want to see, encourage and empower through the words you speak onto them, and your actions. Our children watch us daily. They have a front-row seat at how you react and manage your emotions, and cope with situations.

Furthermore, they are always learning from us, consciously and unconsciously. Raising a confident child takes work and mindfulness in the Christian sense of the word. We must be intentional about how we communicate and how we relate to our children at all times. And for this to take place effectively, we must develop self-awareness.


Awareness leads to management. Let us say that you must help your child develop sensory skills and motor skills. To help you do that, you must know your own sensory processing patterns and learn how to manage them best to teach your child. Your child needs...

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Parenting with Purpose

parenting Nov 03, 2020

Parenting With Purpose

Parenting is a journey with many things to discover. As parents, we love our children, and no one knows our kids are better than we do. We know their weaknesses and strengths. We know their gifts and talents. We know them well. However, some things sit outside of our scope of knowledge, and thus it requires that we become inquisitive and learn the ins and outs of a child’s mind. This requires discernment, a learning journey, and strategic guidance. Remember that you cannot see what your eyes have not been trained to see. Let us parent with purpose, wisdom, and discernment.


James 1:5, If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.

Think about the struggles that you face with your child. Their behaviours are like mirrors reflecting back at you. Each behaviour reveals something about their emotional world, the environments they navigate, and their interactions with others. As...

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