Focus on the Good: An Offer of Hope for Managing Sensory Processing Issues

faith Apr 01, 2020

You might have read on my homepage, “Everybody's sensory thumbprint is unique”. This is something I absolutely believe in!


Every child is different.


I do not believe in a cookie-cutter solution. What I do believe in is God’s spiritual gifts that have lead me throughout the years to help others experience the peace that passes understanding. This is through an abundance of knowledge in raising children and helping adults with ASD, ADHD, Dyspraxia, Developmental coordination disorder (DCD), MS, and many other people with no specific diagnosis at all.

Jesus Christ brought us newness of life in the Holy Spirit and baptism; God wants us to experience the fullness and joy in this life. Even in the hardest times, we are called to count it all as joy and seek His goodness and light.


Having a Christian approach to identifying and regulating sensory processing disorders opens a new door: hope.

 “We were therefore buried with him through...

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What Is Self-Regulation and Why Is It Important?

sensory Mar 28, 2020

What Is Self-Regulation and Why Is It Important?

Do you have a child that hits, kicks, screams in the house, rips things up, and regularly 'loses it'?


Can you remember dreaming of reaching adulthood so you could eat chocolate cake every day for dinner and stay up until the small hours of the night on a weekday? Yet, now that we have the authority to make these decisions, we don’t.

What do these things this have to do with self-regulation? What is self-regulation and why does it matter?

Self-regulation is the ability to control oneself in all aspects, including emotions and behaviour. While it’s important as a trademark of standard, acceptable behaviour in society, some people struggle with self-regulation.

Whether it’s you who needs help with self-regulation or someone else in your life, we encourage you to keep reading. In this post, we’ll discuss whether self-regulation can be taught and some steps on how to improve self-control. It’s a big part of...

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Raging Peace: 10 Reasons Children are Like the Sea

faith Mar 25, 2020

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” –John 16:33

Working with children with ASD and sensory processing disorders, I have seen so much hope and joy throughout the years in seeing progress, but I’ve also seen the troubles. The troubles are why I’m here. It is my joy and calling to help others manage special needs and sensory processing issues, and I am thrilled to offer online courses that are tailored to your child’s individual needs through the coaching.  

Like with anything in life, there will also be ups and downs. Jesus wants us to remember that He has already done the hardest part for us. He died and rose again so that we might be free from sin. But in our earthly life there is still work to be done! Let’s take a moment to reflect on the joy of children in this fun list. I think anyone with children can relate!

  1. ...
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Savouring the Little Moments with Sensory Processing Disorders and Special Needs

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2020

Savouring the Little Moments with Sensory Processing Disorders and Special Needs

Loving a child with any special needs or sensory issues comes with its challenges. Every time they fall, our hearts drop like a brick from the sky as we are forced to choose to rush to the side of our fallen child, or allow them space—knowing they would fight the helping hands. No matter what the struggle may be, everyone is different, we can all relate to that glorious feeling when a child responds with positive emotions.

I came across the following stories which share breakthroughs witnessed in one person’s schooling experience and career. I hope looking at even the smallest of these moments will encourage you to cherish these priceless moments with your children.


As a student working as a teacher’s aide, I was placed in a PE class to assist specifically with Jane. Jane has Down Syndrome and ASD. She was very angry because she preferred her old PE aide, but she had me....

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3 tips to survive Christmas!

life events Dec 01, 2019

If this is the most stressful time of year for you and there are more meltdowns per day than usual - the good news is you are not alone, and the best news is that that are loads of strategies to help!

These are tried and tested!

It is well worth tuning into your own sensory thumbprint at this time and learning year by year what works for you and what doesn't. Three years from now you could so look forward to Christmas :). (No, i'm not joking!!) 

Top three tips: (for you or your family member)

1) To start with, take the pressure off yourself feeling you have to do what everyone else does!

2) At the start of December, work out in advance how many social interactions you think you will be able to cope with in a day, stick to it and plan ahead where you can but communicate lovingly to all around when you are coming up to your optimum number and make a sharp exit!!

3) Make sure you schedule in more exercise time (for healthy proprioceptive input to keep as regulated as...

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Hebrew versus Greek - How do you think?

faith Mar 20, 2019

I wonder if you are aware of what you think and why it's important?

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Well, if we look at our worldviews and what we think of ourselves and our disabilities, struggles, children, issues, marriage, then whether we have 'Greek' way of thinking or 'Hebrew' way of thinking makes a huge difference in how we deal with these and how much joy, peace, and abundance we live with. 

Let me explain a little more... 


  • The ancient Greeks fathered the idea that human centred rational thinking is more important than anything else = What we think rules.
  • The ancient Hebrews dedicated their whole thinking processes to God's way = What GOD thinks rules.

I wonder - How do you think?


Let's look at 6 differences in Part 1:

1) GREEK: Mother Earth is the impersonal source of all life on earth - therefore we evolved with no value or meaning so it's up to us to make our own life purpose.

HEBREW: Father God is...

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