Free Sensory Call

I'd love to have chat and pray with you about the sensory issues you're dealing with.


Do you or a loved one struggle with:

  • Feeling confused and overwhelmed with your child’s behaviour?
  • Poor handwriting, being clumsy or disorganised?
  • Certain sounds, or tags in clothes?
  • Anxiety, nervousness or being easily distracted ? 
  • Calming down to sleep and getting a full night's sleep?
  • Picky eating or going out for a meal as a family?
  • Your child sitting still?

Do you or a loved one:

  • Have a diagnosis of SPD, ADHD, ASD, DCD, Dyspraxia, Hyper-mobility...?
  • Want more OT support? Is your patience being tried by waiting times?
  • Know how to sort out the tangle of what's a heart issue that needs discipline and what's a sensory issue that doesn't?
  • Feel exhausted, disappointed with life, and praying for help? 
  • Want someone who won't judge your parenting or faith and will honour and support you?

Welcome - You're in the Right Place!

Hi, I'm Anne Laure Jackson, Christian Occupational Therapist and home educating mum. I have a BSc Distinction in OT and ASI Advanced Practitioner Status, so I have the heart, experience and qualifications to help!
I walk life's journey with families around the world, through online coaching, training courses, prayer and a listening ear. Although a specialist in sensory processing difficulties, I like to come alongside people with all diagnoses, or none at all, helping them live the fullest life possible with Christ at the centre of it all!

I'm Qualified, and I'd Like to Help.

Online working is no barrier to beautiful and effective therapy! As we work together, I'll give you the support and tools you need to release the stress of not knowing what to do, when to do it, or feeling that you're on your own.

Online Courses

From understanding and managing sensory issues, sensory diets and self-regulation, to stress-free mealtimes and working out if it's a sensory, behaviour or a heart issue. These courses are part of the sensory super-parent program to help you become the master and expert in sensory issues for your family.

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I walk with you, and support you personally, giving the spiritual and practical resources you need either as a 1:1 or in the group. From essential baseline support to becoming a master and sensory expert for your own situation, I'm with you all the way - and so is the wonderful community!

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Get your free sensory guides from babyhood to adult, my amazon #1 bestseller, and a sensory questionnaire here.

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I was so delighted for this boy...


6 Months Later

Do any of these issues sound familiar?

Body Awareness

Clumsy, sloppy, always bumping into things, dropping things, poor handwriting OR always on the go and can't sit still?


Bothered by bright lights, bright colours, OR can't find socks in a drawer, jumbles up letters on a page?


A messy eater, messy dresser, always touching things and other people, OR hate getting a hair cut, teeth brushed, and the feel of some clothes?

Are you struggling to work your child out?

With over 25 years experience and tried and tested systems and activities, I can help and support you and your family to thrive. I'm like a personal trainer for the senses.

I've helped 1000's of people make a difference in their lives.
I love what I do and I have the qualifications, heart, values and experience to be there for you.


Bothered by sounds that others don't even seem to hear, OR have difficulty following instructions, remembering what was said?


Climbs, spins, jumps, always active OR doesn't like escalators, lifts and doing anything fast or upside down?

Taste and Smell

A picky eater, won't go into certain shops because of the smell, OR puts everything in the mouth, goes around sniffing things?

Sensory Health

It's so important to take care of our sensory health.

Everybody's sensory thumbprint is unique - when we find our own, it opens a world where we can be more relaxed, are able to cope with life, do things better, and enjoy life more - child or adult.

"It helps your whole family, not just your child."

"The change in our boys has been immense for such a short time putting your teaching into practice. I owe you so much. Thank you! Thank you!"

"Everyone who has children with special needs, needs to do this."

Sensory Super-Parent Service

Imagine being able to relax and trust the spiritual roots of what is going in therapy.
Imagine being able to handle sensory issues by working through a formula to keep stress levels to an absolute minimum.
Imagine having the tools to see if a behaviour or skill has a sensory base and change the situation overnight.
Imagine having personalised support and guidance on exercises and activities to help and videos to watch - all from home.
Imagine if someone was there to walk the walk with you who understands, who won't judge, who can give qualified advice at the right time, will pray for you, and who will keep quiet and just listen at other times...

Shall we talk?

Book a short zoom and we can see if this is what you have been praying for.


Your Free Sensory Transformation Call

We’ll uncover hidden processes that could be sabotaging all your best efforts. You’ll leave the session renewed with hope for the future, understood, your faith honoured, and inspired to finally put plans into action for your family that will last a lifetime.